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Piercing is a very ancient art of decorating one’s own body. It was widely used in Africa, in Rome, in ancient Egypt, as evidenced by various historical pictures. And not only girls pierced the body, but also men. Since then, a lot of time has passed, piercing has come to our days. And it became popular for the last ten years.


Piercing is a puncture of different parts of the human body with the insertion of special jewelry (earrings, rings, etc.) into the hole. Piercing is one of the elements of body art that allows you to decorate the body and gives an individual a unique look.

The word “piercing” means not only the action (piercing), but also the puncture itself, and can also be applied to earrings.

Today, there are many types of piercings. Anything can be pierced on the body (with some exceptions), there would be desire and determination.

What To Know Before Getting Professional Ear Piercing Service 

Before ear piercing, there are a few things that need to be considered to prevent any health-related problems before you get your nose, belly button, etc pierced.

Have You Ever Had Big Scars?

If you have a family history of huge scars, after piercing it will increase more. People with large scars, bumps, or keloids are recommended to avoid piercing.

Are You Allergic To Metal?

If yes, then which metal? Earrings are made of different materials. Usually, starter earrings are of silver, which is an extensively non- galling metal. If you are familiar with certain metal allergies, you must avoid those metals. If you don’t, you can boost an allergic reaction including irritation, redness, swelling, pain, or itching, even after the piercing has cured. Moreover, the cosmetic look of the piercing might suffer as an outcome. A common metal that people are mostly allergic to is nickel.

Where Should You Get Your Piercing On-Ear?

The earlobes are the first part of the ear pierced. Have a look at your ears. A lot of people have some level of unevenness. You will want your earrings to be equal to each other. Moreover, you don’t want to place the holes extremely low on the earlobe, as that can lead to gashing.

Moreover, the hole can be placed upright to an angle or on any surface of the ear. Sometimes people will choose for the hole to be placed at an angle so that the ear-piercing needle faces upfront. Choose what format of starter earrings you need.

How Professional Ear Piercing Near Me Services Are Done?

There are a lot of different methods for professional ear piercing near me services. Local numbness may or maybe not be used before ear piercing services. An ice cube may be used before the process to attain some numbness as well.

  • Ear piercing needle kits: A lot of jewelry shops and professional ear piercing near me use commercial piercing kits, also recognized as guns. Ear guns have implanted studs that will lodge automatically into the piercing hole after the trigger is pushed.
  • One ear piercing needle method: In this method, a deep bore needle is placed through the wanted spot for the earring. The post of the stud earring is placed in through the deep bore of the needle and the needle is reserved, leaving the stud post in place.
  • Two-ear-piercing needle method: A small needle is used to make a zone in the wanted area of the hole. A bigger hollow needle is then tripped over the small needle in the reverse direction and the small needle is detached. The post of the stud earring is placed in through the hollow bore of the remaining bigger needle and the needle is inhibited, leaving the stud post in its place. The back earring is then safe.

How To Care For Newly Pierced Ears?  

Ensure to follow the guidance provided by your professional ear piercer. Starter earrings need to be leave in for few weeks to recover. The accurate length of time might vary relying on what part of the ear is pierced. You will as well likely be suggested to clean the piercing with a saline solution to avoid it from getting stuck. 


Several complications can pop up with a new piercing, whether it is cared for properly. Pain, bug, infection, irritation, and allergy reaction can happen. 

The piercing can become entrenched in the hole, deep earlobe piercings can rip and the wound can be formed! Prevent these complications by cleaning daily and care for your piercing.

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"I kept developing thick callous on the tip of my toe, very painful. Ioulia help me to get rid of this callous, finally I don have it any more. I would still like to have foot care service at home as it’s very hard for me to go out for appointments. Thank you"


"I kept developing thick callous on the tip of my toe, very painful. Ioulia help me to get rid of this callous, finally I don have it any more. I would still like to have foot care service at home as it’s very hard for me to go out for appointments. Thank you"

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"I had permanent makeup for eyebrows and upper eyeliner done by Julia. She is professional and knowledgeable. Her office is clean and safe. She uses high quality products during procedures . I am very happy with my makeup and will be back for more"

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"Юля,большое спасибо за мои новые, шикарные брови!😍 Они просто огонь!Выглядят настолько натурально,что не отлечишь от настоящих волосков.Не могу налюбоваться🥰
Я очень рада,что попала к тамому профи- мастеру,как вы!)😘
Успехов и Процветание Вам!💫"


"I came to Yuliya for permanent eye liner application on referral from another happy customer. It was a painless and fun experience. I love my new look! She is very thorough and dedicated professional who makes sure to provide the highest quality of service and puts her heart into it. My friends and I are definitely coming back for more beauty procedures.
Yuliya is a superb artist!"


"I came to Julia to color and shaped my eyebrows and grew my eyelashes. After professional treatment I got amazing results! So beautiful and natural look I have never ever had before. I love the work she did on me and I receive a lot of compliments from my family and friends.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in such facial work and I definitely come back again."

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