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Cryo Therapy

Cryo Therapy

Cryotherapy is safe and effective procedure to remove benign skin lesions by direct delivery of nitrous oxide (N2O). Liquefied nitrous oxide destroys tissue by freezing the inter -cellular fluid which forms ice shards and crystals that rapture the cell membrane, destroying the cell. The penetration rate of freezing with Cryo is approximately 1mm per 5 sec, with maximum freezing depth of 3-6 mm. The duration of the treatment time will depend on the surface area and the thickness of the tissue being treated. You may experience little stinging sensation for a few minutes after treatment. Occasionally a blister might form and lasts for a few hours. A follow up visit recommended in 2-4 weeks.


  • Sun Spot (actinic solar keratosis)
  • Milia
  • Freckles, lentigines & age spots (ephelides)
  • Moles (nevi)
  • Warts (including generalised, flat, filiform, genital, plastar’s & mosaic)
  • Cherry angiomas (campbell de morgan spot, sneile angioma)
  • Skin tags & unwanted skin lesions

Benefits Of Cryo Therapy Treatments:

Research might ultimately weaken other alleged advantages of Cryotherapy. Though, preface studies recommend that Cryotherapy might provide the following benefits:

  1. Pain relieving and muscle healing: Cryotherapy helps with muscle pain also some disorders of muscles and joints, like arthritis. It might also promote quicker healing of muscular injuries.

Doctors have long suggested using ice cubes on injured and sore muscles. Doing so might boost the circulation of blood after the ice cube is removed, promoting pain relief and curing.

  1. Loss of weight: Cryo treatments will not cause loss of weight, but they can support the procedure. In theory, being chill forces the body to function harder to stay warm.

Some cryotherapy providers claim that a few seconds of cold can boost metabolism all day. Ultimately, they claim, people don’t feel cold any longer because their metabolism has boosted in response to the cold temperature. 

Cryotherapy helps with muscle pain; it has the potential to make it simpler to get back to a health routine following any injury or accident! This amazing weight loss benefit is limited to individuals who cannot or will not exercise because of pain. 

  1. Lessen swelling: Swelling is one way the immune structure fights against infection. Sometimes the immune system becomes extremely reactive. The outcome is chronic tenderness, which is connected to health issues, like diabetes, cancer, dementia, depression, and arthritis.

Lessening swelling can as well boost overall health and lessen the risk of various chronic disorders.

Some research recommends that Cryotherapy treatments can lessen swelling! Though, most research has been applied on rats, to confirm the information, more study is required on people. 

  1. Prevent dementia: If Cryotherapy lessens swelling, it can as well lessen the risk of dementia.
  2. Prevents and treats cancer: Because Cryo treatments lessen swelling, it is possible it can as well lower the risk of cancer.

Until now, there is no proof that cryotherapy can treat cancer once the illness has developed. Though, cryotherapy is a well-formed treatment for various forms of cancer.

A doctor may use cryotherapy treatments to chill off cancer cells on the cervix or skin and sometimes to remove other cancers.

Some studies show that cryotherapy might lessen swelling recommend that it can treat mental health issues linked to swelling. Few prefacing research on cryotherapy & mental health well supports this claim. 

  1. Lessening depression & anxiety: Cryotherapy lessens symptoms by at least 50%. This was a much greater decrease than in individuals who did not undergo cryo treatments.
  2. Improving signs of eczema: The chronic skin condition called eczema can cause deeply itchy patches of dry skin. People with eczema must try cryotherapy treatment to observe efficient improvements.
  3. Treating migraine pain: Aimed cryotherapy that concentrates on the neck might help prevent migraine pains. Apply cryotherapy to your neck to lessen the pain.

 So, cryotherapy might help with a variety of concerns, including reversing or slowing skin aging, supporting weight loss, avoiding chronic diseases, and others. 

How Can You Prepare For Cryotherapy Treatments?

A lot of people don’t want to do anything particular to prepare for cryotherapy on the skin. Your healthcare expert will guide you before inner cryotherapy to assist you to prepare. 

You might have to stop taking few medications, like blood thinners or aspirin, several days of inner cryosurgery. Other particular guidance might include:

  • Restricting how much you drink or eat before the treatment.
  • Planning for somebody to drive you safely home after the treatment.

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