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Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination



This is a painless cosmetic procedure performed in a beauty salon by a trained master and consists of covering the eyebrows with a special composition based on vitamin complexes which are often accompanied by the correction of hairs in terms of changing their hue and shape. Indications and useful application in this operation a lot – and lifeless kind of eyebrows sticking out naughty hairs, or when the girl is not satisfied with their shape or shade, especially if she is a natural blonde.


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows.

Eyebrow tinting takes between 1-5 minutes (depending on the hair type) before the dye is wiped away and your brows are done.

Difference Between Eyebrow Laminations & Microblading

While microblading includes semi-permanent dye strokes to fill in your eyebrows, brow lamination lifts and straightens your hairs to accomplish a complete and neat look, without tattooing involved in it!

How Does The Procedure Works?

This process works in two parts.  A keratin brow lift cream is applied first to soothe the hair, enabling your beautician to control them into the new way of hair growth.

This is then continued with a soothing moisturizing cream to reconstruct the hair structure and set your freshly molded eyebrows in place.

What The Results Look Like?

Right after the process the eyebrows will look extremely shiny and have a damp look, similar to newly micro-bladed brows. 

This sleek look will last for 24 hours. Once washed they will come back to normal again, or if you like the sleek look, you can simply recreate it by applying a serum or a gel.

During the eyebrow laminations process, the brow hairs will have been brushed so that they all go in a similar direction of hair growth. 

After the schedule, and even once washed, they will remain in this position for up to 4-6 weeks. And even if you decide to wear them dry or wet the outcome is natural fluffy & thick eyebrows.

Advantages Of Laminate Eyebrow:

Krasota – eyebrow lamination near me offers the best lamination services at reasonable prices. Laminate eyebrows help in addressing a variety of issues you might have with your brows, including:

  • Thin hair that might occur with age
  • Gaps in your eyebrows from over-waxing or over-plucking
  • Wild hairs that lean to go in different directions despite brushing them
  • A lack of shape & roughness 

Generally, eyebrow laminations are said to make eyebrows look fuller and thicker. Placing the hairs up vertically might also make it look like you are facing new and fresh hair growth. The whole process is transthoracic.

How Long Does Laminate Eyebrow Last?

Possibly the utmost disadvantage of the laminate eyebrow is that the effects are only temporary. To maintain your fresh and new eyebrows, you will need to re-do the process every few months, similar to a traditional eyebrow perm.

It is also significant to apply a moisturizing cream or serum to your eyebrows right after the process. You may consider applying a similar product at your home to help keep your brows damage-free and healthy. 

How To Maintain Laminate Eyebrows?

The top best way to maintain your laminated brows is to prevent high temperatures and moisture, using moisturizing lotions to restore receptive eyebrow hairs after the treatment, prevent using rough chemicals on your brows, and brush your eyebrows twice a day at least.

This Process Is Best Suited For?

While brow lamination can work on all kinds of eyebrow hair, but who can’t flat their curly, wide eyebrows or have hairs that grow in different directions will particularly love the results.

What is aftercare?

For the first one day after your appointment, you will need to prevent getting them damp, meaning no hot showers, gyms, or exercises. 

After this, you can damp and clean your face with any of your favorite items and it won’t disturb the shape of your eyebrow. 

Where Can I Get Eyebrow Lamination Near Me In Canada?

Brow lamination is a brand new process; it has to be handled by a professional. In Canada, Krasota offers the best eyebrow lamination near me services. Follow up with our newest style, beauty, and health services by following Krasota health & beauty on Instagram.

Book your eyebrow lamination treatment with us now and feel the new you in you.

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Carol M

"I decided to do eyelash lift and brow lamination for the first time. I was a bit anxious as I had lots of questions. I spoke with Ioulia on the phone, she took time to explain these procedures in details, she sent me photos of her work. When I came to her office she also spent time to go over everything again. I’m glad I did it. I love my new look. I will definitely come back to repeat these procedures."

Tatiana O

"Thank you Ioulia for you service- foot care. I like painless procedure, enjoyable massage. My deformed toenails look like new. Thank you for suggestion and advices. I like you professionalism, detailed approach. Looking forward to seeing you again"


"I called Ioulia to do foot care for my parents. I’m glad we found you, my parents are pleased with your caring , gentle foot care. We would like to see you every 6 weeks as we discussed."


"I kept developing thick callous on the tip of my toe, very painful. Ioulia help me to get rid of this callous, finally I don have it any more. I would still like to have foot care service at home as it’s very hard for me to go out for appointments. Thank you"


"I kept developing thick callous on the tip of my toe, very painful. Ioulia help me to get rid of this callous, finally I don have it any more. I would still like to have foot care service at home as it’s very hard for me to go out for appointments. Thank you"

Lena O.

"I had permanent makeup for eyebrows and upper eyeliner done by Julia. She is professional and knowledgeable. Her office is clean and safe. She uses high quality products during procedures . I am very happy with my makeup and will be back for more"

Маша П.

"Юля,большое спасибо за мои новые, шикарные брови!😍 Они просто огонь!Выглядят настолько натурально,что не отлечишь от настоящих волосков.Не могу налюбоваться🥰
Я очень рада,что попала к тамому профи- мастеру,как вы!)😘
Успехов и Процветание Вам!💫"


"I came to Yuliya for permanent eye liner application on referral from another happy customer. It was a painless and fun experience. I love my new look! She is very thorough and dedicated professional who makes sure to provide the highest quality of service and puts her heart into it. My friends and I are definitely coming back for more beauty procedures.
Yuliya is a superb artist!"


"I came to Julia to color and shaped my eyebrows and grew my eyelashes. After professional treatment I got amazing results! So beautiful and natural look I have never ever had before. I love the work she did on me and I receive a lot of compliments from my family and friends.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in such facial work and I definitely come back again."

Inga D

"The service is outstanding. Julia is very professional and easy to connect with. She spend time to listen to my concerns and what I'm seeking for. Her recommendation is tailored to my needs. She definitely worth the time and money. Don't hesitate! You are in good hands 👍👍👍👍👍"

Lena K

"I am so glad that I found Ioulia, who provided a high quality care and corrected my eyebrows.I had the most wonderful service.My face has become more expressive and attractive.Ioulia not only did my face better,but also took the time to educate me about facial care.Thank you Ioulia. You're the best professional that I have ever known. I am looking forward to coming next time!!!"

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