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Questionnaire to collect information to understand your primary concern’s , needs. Explanation of treatment.

Cleansing and Analysis of the skin

To determine skin type and skin condition


Helps to remove dead skin cells fro the surface (Mechanical or Chemical exfoliation)

Steam with extraction

  • Steam to soften dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads, deposits of grease to be extracted, relaxing
  • Steam eliminates toxins, enhance cell metabolism and increase blood flow
  • Extraction procedure to remove oil, debris from the follicle

Massage of face (if no contraindications)

  • Relieves tension in face and shoulders
  • Cleanse skin from imprurites
  • Slough off dead cells
  • Increase blood flow
  • Improves skin tone
  • Enhance product absorption
  • Improves metabolism by increasing oxygen to the tissue
  • Balance sebum

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – a procedure that acts directly on the lymph nodes and allows to accelerate the movement of fluid in the body. Rapid lymphatic drainage relieves swelling, promotes tissue regeneration and release from toxins, and also helps to remove excess fluid.


  • Helps to give long term benefits
  • Depends on ingredients, mask can clear blemishes, hydrate, nourish, calm, rejuvenate, tighten, brighten and improves appearance of the skin and refine the pores

Final application​

Toner, serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen.


Ultrasonic cleansing

The facial scrubber produces high-frequency vibration to
clean facial acne, comedones, blackhead, spot and dead
skin, improves penetration of toner, serum deep into the layer, optimizing, moisturizing elastic skin, reduces wrinkles, tightened pores and improves skin metabolism.​ An ultrasonic facial uses cavitation to remove dead skin cells and debris quickly and safely.


Light Emitting Diodes . LED light therapy is a popular noninvasive skin treatment Red wavelength 640NM deep into skin 1-6mm, blue 423NM deep into skin 1mm, green 532NM deep into skin 0.5-2mm, yellow 83NM deep into skin 1-2mm. Different light colour and precise skin penetration depth promote growth of collagen, whiten and brighten skin, reduce fine lines or wrinkles, shrinking pores, tighten the skin, treat acne ,reduce inflammation, promote anti-aging effects and improving skin colour. Skin becomes more smooth and elastic.


High frequency and galvanic machine .It is a well-known rejuvenatingtreatment. It accelerates blood circulation, promotes cell and collagenregeneration, encourages lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation of dead skin cellsIt’s been proven to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin care productpenetration and absorption by gently warming and oxygenating the tissues ofthe skin.

Types of Best Facials near me

1. Classic Facial Services:

A basic or classic facial generally includes exfoliating, cleansing, extractions, moisturizers, and a mask. Due to its soothing nature, this facial can be an amazing option for anyone with a dry or normal skin type. Extractions are the process of wiping out all the clogged pores, which is safe for all skin types, but you will have to make sure to have the steam to smoothen your pores. Though, anybody with eczema must ask to skip the steaming process, which can worsen those conditions, and use a damp warm piece of cloth instead. Extractions can cause a little discomfort, but if the procedure is too deep, you can easily ask to stop. Krasota provides the best facials near me services in town.

2. Electronic Current Facial: 

Like as it sounds, an electronic current facial utilizes a micro-current tool and damp cloths to deliver low phases of electricity to both neck and face. The current organically helps to shape your face by vitalizing and tightening the muscles underneath your skin, making it a minimally invasive alternate for other procedures. The final result is an anti-aging effect that helps soften wrinkles and provides you with a more define and lifted look. These tightening facials lessen the look of damage.

3. Anti-Aging Facial Services: 

An anti-aging facial is similar to a basic facial. An anti-aging facial uses active components and techniques to attack the aging signs which are there on your skin – consider ages thirty and up. Usually, these facials comprise exfoliation, cleansing, or skin reappearing, masks, deep cleansing with extractions, and hydrating components. They might also integrate antioxidant serums which are heavy and ingredients like collagen to help rejuvenate the skin. But ensure to give your skin proper time to cure after this one as it can lead to cracking and peeling depending on the power of certain components.

4. Brightening Facial Services: 

If you are suffering from sunburn, dull, or ashy skin, a brightening facial can help! Particularly, aiming pigmentation, and even out your skin tone using strong antioxidants like Vitamin C. This process usually involves a mixture of enzyme peels, masks, and acid procedures to take away all the dead skin cells. The outcome is healthy, glowing, and radiant skin.

5. Laser Facial – Facial Laser Treatment: 

Lastly, we have laser facials – facial laser treatment which sounds a lot more science fiction than they are. Using a laser to remove the top layer of your skin, this laser facial is capable to gently reappear your face and solve minor defects – hence this is why it is occasionally referred to as laser reappearing. Facial laser treatment can be utilized to minimize the look of anti-aging, wrinkles, spots, uneven skin tone, sunburn, scars, and blemishes.

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