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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Photo- rejuvenation is a system for non-traumatic removal of skin surface layer in a treatment to induce Neocollagenesis in the dermis to reduce wrinkles and the improve the architecture of the dermal layers.
Following the removal of surface skin layer at a partic7ular depth , the body’s natural wound-healing response begins to regenerate the epidermis and the underlying wounded skin layers.
the new skin layer will be cytological and architecturally resemble a young and more normal, healthy skin.

Basic Principles

  • Neocollagenesis — Dermal regeneration
  • Secondary wound-healing response
  • Epidermal regeneration
  • Thermal Damage — Lesion Clearance


Textural skin damage

  • Fine lines
  • Large pores
  • Elastosis
  • Dull skin

Pigmentary skin Damage

  • Solar Lentigo ( sun spots)
  • Dyschromia
  • Mottled pigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea, broken capillaries and spider veins


  • After first treatment your skin will feel tighter and smoother. For better results, it is recommended to undergo several treatments
  • The treatments effectively and efficiently tighten skin and reduce a range of aging signs, such as wrinkles and pigmentation.
    Long-lasting results are achieved in a relatively small number of treatment sessions.
  • Treatments are non-invasive, clean and relatively painless.
  • There is no unsightly evidence or visible irritation after treatments.
  • Treatment plans are not demanding, usually consisting of one short session once a month.
  • The typical regimen is an average of 5 treatment sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart.

During & After the Procedure – What to Expect?

Laser skin rejuvenation is done by a dermatologist or healthcare expert! It is an intensive-care process, which means you will not have to stay all night. 

The specialist might treat fine lines, wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, or forehead in person or treat your whole face. For smaller areas, the specialist will use an anesthetic to numb the areas and might as well serene you. You might need common anesthesia if your entire face is being treated.

 Treating only parts of the face takes approximately thirty to forty minutes. An entire face treatment takes about two hours approx.

Following the rejuvenation laser process, the specialists will band-aid the treated areas. After one day, you will need to cleanse the treated areas five to six times a day and then apply a lotion, moisturizer, or serum like petroleum jelly to avoid layers from forming. 

Inflammation after laser skin rejuvenation is normal. Your specialist will recommend steroids to manage inflammation around your eyes. Sleeping on an additional pillow at night can also treat inflammation.

You might feel callous or itchiness for twelve to seventy hours after the process. 5-7 days after laser skin rejuvenation, your skin will become rough and dry.

Depending on the issue that was being treated, healing generally takes ten to twenty days. Once the skin cures, you can apply oil-free makeup to lessen redness, which generally fades in three months. 

You will also observe that your skin is lighter for some time right after your treatment. You must use a sunblock, which contains A & B ultraviolet rays to protect your skin during that time! Limit your time under the sun, like wear long sleeves shirt, pants, and a vast-edged hat. Reapply your sun-block every two hours when you are out and more frequently if you are swimming or sweating. 

It is also significant to keep your latest and fresh skin will moisturize. If you apply glycolic acid items, you should start using them again after six weeks or when the doctor suggests you can. 

What Can You Expect From The Laser Rejuvenation Facial Results?

Non-ablate laser treatments don’t pose as big of a risk for downtime, but you might need numerous treatments to accomplish your wanted results. Ablate lasers; on the other hand, might correct your concerns in one procedure.

Individual results differ based on the level of the early concerns being treated. You can expect your results to last for few years once you are done with your treatment sittings. Though, the results are not eternal. You might need to repeat the process at some point. 

Length for Laser Rejuvenation Facial Treatment:

 Generally laser rejuvenation facial takes between thirty minutes and 2 hours, depending on the method applied and the size of the treated area. 

Possible Side Effects of Rejuvenation Laser:

  • Inflammation,
  • Redness
  • Acne
  • Itching,
  • Infection
  • Modifications In Skin Color
  • Scarring Lower Eyelids Turning Outside
  • Mild Inflammation And Redness

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