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Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure


I’m a Registered Nurse certified in Advanced and Basic Foot care services including diabetic foot care.


  • Diabetic Foot care assessment
  • Trimming and filing nails
  • Corn and callous reduction
  • Reducing thick nails
  • Cracked heel care
  • Warts, Fungal treatment
  • Relieving uncomplicated ingrown toenails Therapeutic foot massage​

I can travel to you throughout Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, North York, Vaughan, and Markham.

A best medical pedicure near me, also named medi-Pedi is a procedure that concentrates on the sterile and visual care of the toenails and heels of the feet.

After a complete review of your nails and feet, Krasota’s highly trained nail expert performs a dry technique. Unlike nail spas, our expert is trained to inspect the toenails and feet using the latest tools and equipment, under severe hygiene procedures.

Prevent Fungal Exposure Of Bacterial Infection With Medical Pedicures:

The best medical pedicure near me is healing for your feet but what you might not expect is the calm of mind it gives. You can rest and relax at a Medi-Pedi knowing you are in a hygienic atmosphere. No tension about picking up a bacterial infection or toenail fungus. All equipment is sterilized. All materials and files are not reusable. All processes are performed with a sterile method.

Of course, it would not be a pedicure without clipping, cleaning, and embellishing toenails. 

What Happens During A Medical Pedicure?

During your medi Pedi service, the foot care nurse will inspect your feet and talk to you regarding specific concerns you might have about your skin, feet, and nails. We will also talk about the ongoing process that might be needed to address any feet issues you might have.

First and foremost, the nails and feet are cleansed thoroughly. The nails are filed, cut and a twang is utilized to thin the nails if required. Thinning the nails removes the exterior layer of the nail plate to reinstate their natural color and eradicate yellow staining and discoloration from former nail paint. If the nails are noticeably thickened then thinning them with the twang will boost their cosmetic look and can lessen any uneasiness. If there are any symptoms of any uneven nails the foot care nurse will fix it.

 The foot care nurse will then use a sterilized blade to painlessly eradicate any limps or corns if there are present. Any harsh or dry skin is polished away to make sure you are left with a soft finish. 

What Makes A Pedicure A Medical Rank Pedicure?

The huge difference between a medical rank pedicure and a customary nail spa pedicure is that the procedure is carried out by a foot care nurse rather than an expert. Foot care nurses are completely certified health care experts. Foot care nurse know their thing. 

This means that in addition to making sure your feet get pampered and feel amazing, the foot care nurse is capable to recognize, analyze and treat any foot issues that you might have. For instance, if we recognize a fungus infection in your toenails or your skin we are not just letting it go (and we obviously won’t spread it to others). Instead, we will talk about treatment choices that we have available. We are expert enough to answer any queries you have about your feet. 

While anybody can advantage of a foot care pedicure, they are professionals in managing especially tough nails. Be they thickened, painful, fragile, breakable, or uneven. At Krasota health and beauty we have all the appropriate equipment to securely manage even the toughest nails. 

While a normal nail spa might shave the exterior layer of dead or rough skin away from the foot. Foot care nurses are qualified and talented in the use of medical blades to completely remove lumps and calluses. The feet and skin are then polished down to give a similar soft smooth finish.

Additional considerable point of dissimilarity among a Medi Pedi and customary pedicure is the loyal to harsh hygiene maintenance. As foot care nurses, we are held to firm standards of bacterial and fungal control. All of our tools are instantly sterilized after using an autoclave to make sure to complete damage of any disease clutching micro-organisms. 

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Carol M

"I decided to do eyelash lift and brow lamination for the first time. I was a bit anxious as I had lots of questions. I spoke with Ioulia on the phone, she took time to explain these procedures in details, she sent me photos of her work. When I came to her office she also spent time to go over everything again. I’m glad I did it. I love my new look. I will definitely come back to repeat these procedures."

Tatiana O

"Thank you Ioulia for you service- foot care. I like painless procedure, enjoyable massage. My deformed toenails look like new. Thank you for suggestion and advices. I like you professionalism, detailed approach. Looking forward to seeing you again"


"I called Ioulia to do foot care for my parents. I’m glad we found you, my parents are pleased with your caring , gentle foot care. We would like to see you every 6 weeks as we discussed."


"I kept developing thick callous on the tip of my toe, very painful. Ioulia help me to get rid of this callous, finally I don have it any more. I would still like to have foot care service at home as it’s very hard for me to go out for appointments. Thank you"


"I kept developing thick callous on the tip of my toe, very painful. Ioulia help me to get rid of this callous, finally I don have it any more. I would still like to have foot care service at home as it’s very hard for me to go out for appointments. Thank you"

Lena O.

"I had permanent makeup for eyebrows and upper eyeliner done by Julia. She is professional and knowledgeable. Her office is clean and safe. She uses high quality products during procedures . I am very happy with my makeup and will be back for more"

Маша П.

"Юля,большое спасибо за мои новые, шикарные брови!😍 Они просто огонь!Выглядят настолько натурально,что не отлечишь от настоящих волосков.Не могу налюбоваться🥰
Я очень рада,что попала к тамому профи- мастеру,как вы!)😘
Успехов и Процветание Вам!💫"


"I came to Yuliya for permanent eye liner application on referral from another happy customer. It was a painless and fun experience. I love my new look! She is very thorough and dedicated professional who makes sure to provide the highest quality of service and puts her heart into it. My friends and I are definitely coming back for more beauty procedures.
Yuliya is a superb artist!"


"I came to Julia to color and shaped my eyebrows and grew my eyelashes. After professional treatment I got amazing results! So beautiful and natural look I have never ever had before. I love the work she did on me and I receive a lot of compliments from my family and friends.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in such facial work and I definitely come back again."

Inga D

"The service is outstanding. Julia is very professional and easy to connect with. She spend time to listen to my concerns and what I'm seeking for. Her recommendation is tailored to my needs. She definitely worth the time and money. Don't hesitate! You are in good hands 👍👍👍👍👍"

Lena K

"I am so glad that I found Ioulia, who provided a high quality care and corrected my eyebrows.I had the most wonderful service.My face has become more expressive and attractive.Ioulia not only did my face better,but also took the time to educate me about facial care.Thank you Ioulia. You're the best professional that I have ever known. I am looking forward to coming next time!!!"

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